Sem 8

On successful completion of the course, the students will be able to

8.1 Pharmaceutics-VI (T)              

  1. Explain needs & safety of  novel pharmaceuticals  for community
  2. Justify proper use of Novel drug delivery system for various purposes
  3. Understand and apply basic concepts of nanotechnology and nanoscience
  4. Discuss & improve stability aspect of pharmaceutical for patient safety.
  5. Design & develop  Novel drug delivery system for community

8.1 Pharmaceutics-VI (P)

  1. Justify appropriate  use of novel drug delivery system
  2. Evaluate quality of novel pharmaceutical
  3. Choose modern methods to improve quality of pharmaceuticals
  4. Formulate various novel drug delivery system
  5. Select proper processing equipment & parameters for cost effective  formulation for community 

8.2 Medicinal Chemistry –IV (T)

  1. Explain basic principle for drug design
  2. Apply the CADD and molecular modeling knowledge in designing of new drug molecules.
  3. To compare and analyze various methods of molecular modeling
  4. Describe enzymes, peptides in drug design.
  5. Discuss the concept of genetic engineering in medicinal chemistry.

8.2 Medicinal Chemistry –IV (P)

  1. Synthesize medicinally important organic compounds using microwave assisted organic synthesis.
  2. Apply recrystallization, filtration and precipitation techniques of organic compounds along with reaction & mechanism.
  3. Synthesize medicinally important organic compounds by green chemistry.
  4. Characterization by melting point / boiling point / thin layer chromatography / ultra-violet spectroscopy / IR spectroscopy.
  5. Establishing the pharmaceutical standards of drug synthesized

8.3 Pharmaceutical Analysis –IV (T)

  1. Apply the principle of quality assurance in pharmaceutical evaluation
  2. Identify various statistical quality control tests.
  3. Classify the use of various analytical techniques in appropriate analysis
  4. Categories between various analytical instruments and its application
  5. Justify the use of subject for social and professional development

8.3 Pharmaceutical Analysis –IV (P)

  1. Recall the importance of analysis in pharmaceutical industry
  2. Discuss the various techniques for evaluate quality of pharmaceuticals
  3. Explain stability aspect of pharmaceuticals
  4. Choose the official and non-official methods to analyses the related substance.

8.4 Pharmacognosy –VI (T)

  1. Study quality control and standardization of herbal drugs
  2. Formulate and develop Ayurvedic, Siddha and Unani formulations
  3. Study herbal cosmetics and nutraceuticals
  4. Role of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in National Economy
  5. Apply the knowledge of Pharmacological screening methods

8.4 Pharmacognosy –VI (P)

  1. Study extraction, isolation and purification of phytocompounds from herbal drugs
  2. Evaluate phytocompounds by thin layer chromatography and column chromatography
  3. Macro- and microscopical evaluation of herbal drugs
  4. Estimate plant phytoconstituents using modern methods
  5. Review of recent literatures appearing on phytopharmaceuticals used in treatment of diseases

8.5 Clinical Pharmacotherapeutics (T)

  1. Explain Pathophysiology of various diseases
  2. Suggest effective drugs to be used for particular condition
  3. Demonstrate use of pathological lab values in certain conditions
  4. Explain signs and symptoms associated with disease
  5. Describe  the principles of toxicology and treatment of poisoning