Sem 6

On successful completion of the course, the students will be able to

BP601T Medicinal Chemistry-III

  1. Demonstrate the importance of chemistry in the development and application of therapeutic drugs
  2. Develop an understanding of the physico-chemical properties of drugs.
  3. Understand how changes in the chemical structure of drugs affect efficacy
  4. Understand how current drugs were developed and how new scientific techniques will provide future drugs.
  5. Provide ability to make optimal patient-specific therapeutic decisions in clinical set up.

BP602T Pharmacology- III

  1. Understand the mechanism of drug action and its relevance in the treatment of different infectious diseases
  2. Comprehend the principles of toxicology and treatment of various poisonings
  3. Appreciate correlation of pharmacology with related medical sciences

BP603T Herbal Drug Technology

  1. Recall the fundamental concepts of herbal raw materials and biodynamic agriculture techniques
  2. Understand the concept of nutraceuticals and herbal food interactions.
  3. Apply the knowledge for evaluation and preparation of herbal formulations
  4. Remember the regulatory guidelines for the assessment of herbal drugs and patenting
  5. Illustrate the scope and future prospects of the herbal drug industry

BP604T Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics

  1. Recall human anatomy of human body
  2. Recall various theories of dissolution of drug molecules
  3. Relate different mechanism of absorption of compounds with respect to their biological membrane
  4. Explain the linkage between absorption & the distribution of drug molecules
  5. Explain in detail various mechanism of eliminations for drug molecules

BP605T Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

  1. Remember the basic concepts of biotechnology with respect to enzyme technology, immunology, microbial technology, genetic engineering and protein engineering
  2. Understand the steps involved in development of biosensors, recombinant products and concepts of immunology.
  3. Compare the genetic organization of different types of cells and to list detection methods at genomic level, gene transfer methods and mutagens.
  4. Explain general requirements of fermentative production and biotechnological production of pharmaceuticals.
  5. Elaborate on microbial genetics, biotransformation and various immunological products.

BP606 T Quality Assurance

  1. Remember the concepts of quality assurance, quality management and ICH guidelines.
  2. Explain the ISO, NABL and QbD concepts in pharmaceutical industry
  3. Analyze quality control parameters and good laboratory practices in pharmaceutical industry
  4. Evaluate the complaints and documents maintenance in industry with required regulatory guidelines.
  5. Elaborate the calibration, validation procedures and good warehousing practices.

BP607P Medicinal Chemistry-III

  1. Define and select the method for preparation of drugs and intermediates
  2. Explain principle underlying the preparation of drugs
  3. Choose the method for assay of drugs by quantitative analysis
  4. Compare the advantages of microwave technique over conventional synthesis of drugs
  5. Predict the relation between physicochemical properties and biological activity

BP608P Pharmacology- III

  1. Understand the concept of in-Vivo Pharmacology
  2. Study the pathological assays methods employed in Pharmacology
  3. Study bio statistical methods in experimental pharmacology and calculation of pharmacokinetic parameters

BP609 P Herbal Drug Technology

  1. Remember different preliminary phytochemical screening of crude drugs
  2. Evaluate the various herbal formulations
  3. Apply monographic analysis of herbal drugs as per pharmacopoeias
  4. Evaluate parameters such as aldehyde and phenol contents