Sem 1

On successful completion of the course, the students will be able to

BP101T Anatomy and Physiology-I

  1. Recall morphology, structure and functions of cell, skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular system of the human body.
  2. Tell various homeostatic mechanisms and their imbalances.
  3. Explain various tissues of different systems of human body.
  4. Explain coordinated working pattern of different organs of each system.
  5. Classify different types of bones in human body.

BP102T Pharmaceutical Analysis –I

  1. Define the terminologies of volumetric analysis.
  2. Classify the types of titrimetric processes.
  3. Explain the principle of titrimetric analytical techniques.
  4. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of different titrimetric processes.
  5. Identify the appropriate analytical method for the analysis of drugs.

BP103T Pharmaceutics-I

  1. Classify pharmaceutical dosage forms.
  2. Identify their professional role in the healthcare system.
  3. Apply principles of pharmaceutical science in formulation and dispensing the various dosage forms.
  4. Solve the problem through the application of fundamental principles of pharmaceutical metrology.
  5. Apply pharmacopoeial standards for the preparation of various dosage forms.

BP104T Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry-I

  1. Recall the significance of inorganic compounds as medicines.
  2. Classify the inorganic compounds according to therapeutic category.
  3. Explain the mechanism of action of pharmaceutically useful Inorganic compounds.
  4. Summarize the official pharmaceutical Inorganic compounds.
  5. Extend the acquired knowledge towards newly launched inorganic formulations.

BP105T Communication Skill

  1. Understand the knowledge of soft’s kills and communication skill.
  2. Understand the concept of teamwork, leadership, personal development skills
  3. Acquire the knowledge of body language and presentation skill
  4. Acquire the knowledge of technical writing skill
  5. Identify the concept of positive thinking that keeps the students in a good stead at the time of crisis.

BP106 RBT Remedial Biology

  1. Recall animal & plant cellular biology.
  2. Know classification system of both plants & animals.
  3. Describe various tissue system and organ system in plant and animals.
  4. Discuss theory of evolution.
  5. Describe Anatomy and Physiology of plants and animals.

BP106 RMT Remedial Mathematics

  1. Express abstract mathematical reasoning.
  2. Describe mathematical knowledge and understanding to help in the field of Clinical Pharmacy.
  3. Apply mathematical concepts and principles to perform computations for Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  4. Create, use and analyze mathematical representations and mathematical relationships.

BP107 P Anatomy and Physiology-I

  1. Recall relevance and significance of Human Anatomy and Physiology to Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  2. Summarize the various tissues of different systems of human body.
  3. Understand the composition and functions of blood component and mechanism of blood coagulation.
  4. Demonstrate experimental techniques related to physiology.
  5. Experiment with blood group determination, blood pressure measurement, blood cells counting.

BP108 P Pharmaceutical Analysis –I

  1. Name various volumetric glassware’s.
  2. Demonstrate the titration process.
  3. Relate the theoretical concepts to the designed experiments
  4. Interpret the analytical data.
  5. Apply the knowledge of volumetric analysis in the preparation of reagents and solutions.

BP109 P Pharmaceutics-I

  1. Extend the acquired knowledge for the preparation of dosage forms
  2. Recommend and follow approaches to avoid incompatibilities and unwanted interactions
  3. Experiment with correct quantity of active and inactive pharmaceutical ingredients
  4. Apply the knowledge for selection of dosage form for treatment of diseases
  5. Demonstrate the quality control test for dosage forms

BP110 P Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry-I

  1. Name various pharmaceutical inorganic compounds.
  2. Compare the properties inorganic compounds.
  3. Demonstrate the identification tests for inorganic compounds.
  4. Apply the knowledge for inorganic compounds.
  5. Develop skill for performing monograph studies.

BP111 P Communication Skill

  1. Demonstrate interview skills
  2. Develop Leadership qualities and essentials
  3. Explain behavioral needs for a Pharmacist to function effectively in the areas of pharmaceutical operation
  4. Demonstrate communicate effectively (Verbal and Non Verbal)

BP 112 RBP Remedial Biology

  1. Identify various body component.
  2. Demonstrate basic components of anatomy & physiology of plant.
  3. List components of anatomy & physiology animal with special reference to human.
  4. Experiment with microscope for study of plant.