Institutional Distinctiveness

Government College of Pharmacy, Amravati is getting recognised as a centre where the students are groomed for aptitude for research, innovations, competitive examinations and holistic development. The efforts of the student are recognised at district, university and state level with appropriate accolades for their innovative approach being applied in the professional technology. This definitely is going to pave a path for junior and future students. The selection of students in various institutes of national importance for higher studies in management through examination of CAT or for research by admission for PhD is inspirational to the students coming from the rural area. Government College of Pharmacy, Amravati has developed a distinct garden for medicinal and aromatic plants over the last four years with the fundings received form NMPB. It is getting recognised as a botanical garden around Amravati region whereby the students of other pharmacy colleges, and the students with courses of botany as well as agriculture also visit the garden. The explicit feature of this garden is not only the display of the wealth of nature but also to create awareness of about the importance of medicinal plants in preventive and curative medicine. The objective is to sensitize the laity about the bounty of nature, wealth of traditional Indian medical system.  For this, the institute has taken initiatives for distribution of the saplings of various medicinal plants and the college is being recognised as centre to get the information about medicinal plants as well medicinal plants too.

Government College of Pharmacy, Amravati envisions the journey of the institute towards the development of technical excellence among the students to make them globally competent pharmacists. Institute provides conducive environment to facilitate the educational and technical excellence among students and provide environment inculcate the human and professional values.

Modes, methods, concepts and contents of classroom behavior is changing, which made the teachers to adapt the novel tools of teaching methodology involving computer assisted learning tools. Web and mobile based application for practice test of GPAT/other pharmacy based competitive examinations. This will make the students to prepare for examination effectively making most of the use of time. Experiment and research methodologies involving the use of sophisticated instrument and softwares help to cope up with technical advancement in the industry and gain the excellence amongst students.

Pharm. D. students are allowed to conduct and participate in epidemiological surveys, disease detection programs, community services, drug information, inpatient and outpatient services, patient counseling, case studies and ward round to develops the excellence in clinical practices. Students engage ward round under the guidance supervision of preceptors and provide the clinical pharmacy services to the allotted wards. Pharm D course completion needs Internship or residency training including postings in specialty units for a period of one year during sixth year of Course tenure. To impart the knowledge about the handling of the modern technologies hands on training programs are conducted to learn the skills beyond syllabus. To promote and germinate the idea about entrepreneurship, the entrepreneurship awareness, scenario, potential and opportunities are made understood by the students through workshops.

Apart from the classroom interactions, lectures of technical and professional experts from academic organizations and industries are organized. Students are encouraged for project work, industrial internships, and oral or poster presentations in the seminars, symposiums, workshops or conferences to interact with the technical experts. In addition to the rich collection of books with library, access to e-journals make learning process more effective.

Students have participated in the AVISHKAR (University and Interuniversity level research competition). Research fellows appointed on the funded project as well as increase in the number of students working on industrial projects are useful in creating and nurturing the students to make them technically competent enough to raise up to societal expectations. The research projects from DST-SERB, AICTE, RGSTC, DST-FIST once implemented through the administrative process will further augment the facilities available for gaining the technical expertise.