Best Practices

Practice 1

Most of the students admitted to undergraduate courses are from rural area with inadequate access to the information. Importantly, the career options considering the individual capability and interest are not well workout or counselled. The mentoring system available at the institute along with the interactive sessions conducted helps the students for SWOT analysis and to know the career or placement options.

Students who have made the mind and intended to go for higher studies are enrolled for the extra coaching classes conducted at institute free of any charge. Classroom teaching or tutorial sessions are conducted for the students. Depending on the student demands on an average 30-35 sessions or lectures are conducted. Some lectures are conducted by the outsider faculty from ANA willing to work or collaborate voluntarily. Alumni who wants to engage sessions on the guidance on competitive exams are also the part of this initiative. Students are guided for the applications process to competitive exams like GPAT/GATE. Mock test are conducted to rehearse the students for examination and to identify the area for improvement. Interactive feedback is taken post result.