Best Practices

Practice 3

The Context

Being a public institute run by the state government the students admitted to Government College of Pharmacy Amravati are heterogeneous in terms of locale, social setting, and financial conditions. So they have different experiences in life and different thoughts, belief, faith, views and opinions and all have equal rights to express them. We believe that, practicing such democracy in educational set up is of utmost importance for inculcating values for liberty, equality, fraternity, justice, dignity of the individual with cooperation and sharing of responsibility. For this it is necessary to develop spirit of tolerance, mutual give and take, and the appreciation of ways in which person/people differ from one another in various aspects.

Objectives of the Practice

• To develop thinking among students for not being judgmental.

• To develop attitude to think objectively and also be reflective on the thoughts.

• To understand and use the intellectual integrity to sift truth from falsehood.

• To inculcate the spirit of a team and tolerance.

The Practice

• On the platform of NSS provide the students opportunities to organize and execute various activities.

• On online platform, dedicate one hour every fortnight to listen to the views of students on the topic of discussion chosen by them or given by the teacher (a quartet of teachers).

• On online platform, dedicate one hour every fortnight to share their mind or experience and engage other students to opine on that.

• Encourage students to participate on online programs to get to know about opinions of persons expert in their field and deliberate on the points expressed.


• Enables students to be more attentive to and involved in discussions.

• Enhances ability appreciate differences in person in particular and people as whole.

• Develops the habit to have a connect with the other person

• Creates bonds amongst the students (especially first year students who have not joined the college physically).

Challenging issues

• To keep the mood of expression and discussion objectively

• To make the students open up with each other on online platform

Evidence of Success

• Students have learnt to express their opinions

• Students wait to listen to other person before making decision in group activities

• Students come ahead privately if they find difficulty

Resources Required

• Good network and data availability for online mode

• Common spaces for hosting such meetings